X Factor star Danyl Johnson threatens to quit in furious row over Simon Cowell's song
19 Nov, 2009 - 12:24 AM by MarkWaldorf
- The Mirror

Danyl Johnson sensationally stormed out of X Factor rehearsals yesterday after deciding that he hates the song chosen for him by Simon Cowell.

The drama teacher has been given George Michael’s Praying for Time for Saturday night’s show. But during a coaching session with singing expert Yvie Burnett he erupted in fury and walked out.

Now Danyl, from Kent, is threatening to quit altogether unless Cowell agrees to change the song.

A shocked insider said: “He literally burst out the door and ran off down Battersea High Street.

“A few production staff chased after him to try to calm him down and make him come back but he was having none of it.

“They even sent a car to follow him and try to make him see sense and return but he refused.

“He seems very angry and upset and is demanding a different song. It’ll be interesting to see if Simon backs down or makes him stick with it.”

Danyl, 27, has struggled to win over X Factor fans because he comes across as smug and arrogant.

The self-confessed bisexual is desperate not to appear over-confident but insiders have grown increasingly exasperated by his petulant behaviour.

One said: “He’s not doing himself any favours with stunts like this which just make him look like a spoilt brat. Even if the song choice is wrong there’s no need to storm out, he should talk about it first.”

Cowell has already encountered a similar meltdown when he decided to change Jamie Archer’s song from Unchained Melody to Cry during movie week.

Cowell told the Mirror that their row was so heated he feared it would turn physical. He said: “Jamie was so angry, at one point I thought he was going to punch me.”

Last night – after being AWOL for nearly five hours – Danyl was thought to be at the Sony BMG offices in London, where Cowell works, for crisis talks.

He is believed to have called the music mogul saying they had to talk – otherwise he would consider quitting.

It is thought Cowell may agree to change the song but Danyl will have to make a grovelling apology to the production crew he has upset with his rants.

A show source said: “Simon will never tolerate rudeness.”
I guess this means Joe hasn't got Praying for Time

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